Hello! I just joined

I am excited for my new journey as I am looking forward to learning from you. I have a couple of questions. I downloaded the xcode app on my mac laptop successfully. However since my mac is outdated (I suppose) I am only able to download xcode version 9.2. Will this affect my project from being approved or disable me from launching/ putting my app in the apple market once I am finished? My next question is: I am reviewing you tutorial " Auto Layout Tutorial (2020) - Lesson 2" on 22:21 you mention the size of images. I want to launch my app of iphones mainly and or perhaps ipads, what size does the image i want to download have to be? (In terms of inches, pexels, or points). I appreciate you an advance!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

hello, i think it would be best to at least make your app in swift 5 using at least xcode 10.2 and above.

is your OS able to reach high sierra 10.13.6? if so there a way to install 10.2 or 10.3 on your app using out guide https://codewithchris.com/xcode-update/

for image sizes i suggest that images are big enough usual resolutions like the ipad pro is 2732 x 2048, so it would be best to have the resolution at that max value and use Prepo to create smaller sized images

Xcode: unfortunately the 9.2 version is the only one I am able to download.
Is the 10.2 version a requirement or a recommendation? And if I can’t obtain the 10.2 version and use the 9.2 will it effect my app from being launched and approved on the Apple store/market?

Image resolution: thank you so much! I appreciate your helpful information.

if you OS is at least high seirra 10.13.6 we have a “hack” to install xcode 10.2

you can refer to this article that we made, as far is i can see the comments it seems to work for xcode 10.3 as well or maybe even 11?

so i suggest you should go ahead and try

Unfortunately my mac is version 10.12.6 thus I don’t think I am able to download xcode 10.2.1, as I attempted to follow the instructions.

Do i have to have xcode 10.2 in order to publish my app on the apple store?
I want to know if i complete a project/ app through xcode version 9.2 will i still be able to publish it on the app store?

im not sure, you can try asking apple support but you would have a significant amount of users who cant use your app probably