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HELP! Error with Google Sign In when following tutorial Firebase!

Hello All, I have a question on how to fix an error in my AppDelegate class that I had to make due to it not existing in Xcode 12. I had made this, and when I am more than halfway through the tutorial on how to make this with “Google Signing In” capabilties. The error is in line 51 in my SMKApp.swift file. It gives me 2 errors:

1: Cannot assign value of type ‘(Optional, _)’ to type ‘String’

2: Value of type ‘GIDGoogleUser’ has no member ‘email’

Thanks, Harri

Github Respository: GitHub - HSSwift/SaiMirrasKitchen
Tutorial: SwiftUI 2.0 Firebase Connection - No App Delegate Solution - Xcode 12 - SwiftUI 2.0 Tutorials - YouTube

Did you try checking the official firebase documentation?