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Help! How to download Xcode on Macbook Pro 2011

Good Day, i am using a 2011 Macbook pro and idea how i can download the old xcode version as my mac isn’t compatible with the latest xcode.

Use this site!
Be sure to check what’s the latest version your OS can use!

The latest version of macOS that will run on a 2011 MacBook Pro is High Sierra which is macOS 10.13.x

That will restrict you to running Xcode version 10.1.

It means that you cannot code in SwiftUI.

Realistically you should try to locate a cheap later model MacBook that is compatible with at least macOS Big Sur and the latest version of Xcode (13.2.1).

If you are serious about learning how to code for iOS devices with a view to eventually getting an App into the App Store then you absolutely must have the latest version of Xcode in order to submit an App to the App Store.