Help! I've even trying to fix this for an hour

How do I get rid of the second error?
I just want to have the office worker subclass have office worker as default job

What you want to do is something like this (extraneous code cut out for clarity):

class Person {
    var name: String
    var job: String
    var coolnessIndicator: Int
    init() {
        name = ""
        job = ""
        coolnessIndicator = 0

class OfficeWorker: Person {
    var bored: String
    override init() {
        //must initialize any new properties
        bored = "this is so boring"

        //then initialize the parent class

        //then you can customize
        job = "office worker"

When you subclass, you have to first make sure that you initialize any new properties introduced by the subclass (such as bored in your example). Then you have to initialize anything inherited from the superclass by calling one of its init methods. Finally, you can customize by adjusting the values of any properties. This process ensures that your class object is in a valid state before you start using it.