Help Needed For Answering Questions

Greetings, Code Crew member I am a student from Lower Macungie Middle School learning about sleep and how humans are affected by it. To present my information, I want to create an app and a website that people can actually use to help solve their sleep problems. I needed a professional developer to answer some questions for my project. The problem is that I am confused about how to create an app because even after I’ve seen some of Code With Chris videos on his Youtube channel and on his website, I still don’t understand how to create it. It would be a great honor for me if you could help answer some of my questions about creating an app to help me.

I would like to know…

  • how I could make an app with a PC if I don’t have an Apple Computer

  • how to use X-Code because there are just a whole bunch of dropdowns and tabs like seen in Code With Chris videos

  • how to upload my app to the app store for free

  • how I can make the app available for Android as well

Thank you so much for your attention and your time from your busy schedule Code Crew member.

											Ahmad Naveed

Hi Ahmad.

Here are the answers to your questions.

  1. Chris has a video on MacStadium, which is a way to run Xcode on a non-mac computer.
    The link is
  2. Xcode and the UI may seem scary at first, but just like any other skill, you need to practice to get better. In actuality, it’s not that scary and once you start learning, I know that you are going to find it fun. Watching Chris’s videos is a great way to get started.
  3. To upload your app to the app store, you are going to have to pay Apple. More info can be found here:
  4. To make it available for Android, you can use Android Studio. The code is going to be different from Xcode, but many of the key concepts are going to be the same.

Let me know if you need any more help