Help! This is about employment

I don’t know if it is appropriate to talk about this subject on here, so delete it if it is not relevant. However, i graduated in 2023 summer and been looking for graduate jobs revolving front end development, software engineering, back end… anything related to tech.

It has been a struggle, i was at this Java training programme where i get paid, but i left/got fired the same day because of the company’s culture and many more i won’t go detail. Anyways, i like app development in iOS and web development. I have decided today to create a portfolio for web development. I have a few questions.

  1. Should i learn just one (app development or web development) or do both? I like doing both but i don’t feel efficient.
  2. I study for 2-3 hours on one thing (ios) and i usually feel exhausted (my mind) to study some more. How do i study more? Is this the part where i learn something else, i.e web development?
  3. If i want to publish an app, do i have to buy apple developer programme? Can i not host it somewhere else for free?
  4. Is the only reason why i am not getting employed is because i don’t have a portfolio? What do i have to showcase to the person that is trying to hire me? (My interview skills are good i believe but i still work towards it)

Thank you for hearing me out.