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Help Us Improve the CodeWithChris Website!

Hey CodeCrew, JC here and I’m the resident designer here at CodeWithChris!

In case you guys didn’t know it yet, we’re currently doing some redesign work for our CodeWithChris website (https://codewithchris.com).

As part of our research and design efforts, we want to know some of your thoughts regarding your experience with our current website. So, if it isn’t too much to ask, I’d like to invite you all to answer this quick survey via Google Forms. It’ll only take 5 minutes max!

Survey link: https://forms.gle/6UoY8YqbCQDPu2Zp9

Because we value everyone here at our CodeCrew Community, we want to make sure that our redesign will be in the right direction. Your feedback will be highly appreciated!

In case you guys encounter any problems regarding the survey or want to share additional information outside of it, feel free to reply in this thread.


Maybe I’m missing it on mobile but would be great to move from course overview directly to the course. I have to hit back and resume course on my mobile.

Also would love offline. YouTube let’s me download videos and play them so long as I’ve logged in and confirmed my plus account within x period. Miss your content on my flights.

Appreciate the suggestion! We’re actually working on a CodeWithChris app, and a Downloads feature is definitely one of the features that we plan to implement.

However, there’s no fixed date as to when will this be finally implemented. Rest assured that we’re always working to optimize the experience for you and thousands of other students!

Two small ideas that I think would help make CWC more helpful. Great content you’ve amassed, tyvm!

(1) Start/resume course directly from the “See Overview” page
(2) Search bar in the lessons that allows you to search by code and see all of the sections including it. For example if I searched ForEach I could find any lessons it’s used in. Great to allow identify the specific ForEach tutorial, and also helpful to see it in practice in other videos where it’s not the focus.