Help with a Timer app

I’m trying to create an app that will countdown from 7 minutes using swiftUI?
Any help would be appreciated

It’s always best to look into an issues before asking for help. This helps you learn how to search things and figure out problems.
I found this link after googling “SwiftUI timer app”

thanks for getting back to me, I’ve already tried to follow the guide but it just doesn’t work

What specifically doesn’t work about it? Are you getting a specific error message we could help you look into?

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Yes I’m getting these errors and I don’t understand why 04

One of the swift files is names ContentView or at least that is what the code is looking for. Do a cmd-F and search your code for that reference.


Thanks, I’ve found the issue but don’t know how to fix the problem

What did you do up to this point? The error is saying that it doesn’t know what “ContentView” means
So you must not have something connected? Or honestly I would say start the tutorial over, you may have inadvertently clicked something.

Which part of the tutorial were you following when this happened?

Try this, remove the () as in

let contentView = ContentView.enviroment(\(.managedObjectContext, context)

and see if the error clears. Hard to say as I am not sure what the ContentView file says, I expect it is a class.


Almost solved the issue but now I have this error, I don’t know what it means 49