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Help with continuing building apps without installing iOS 14.1

I cannot view my old or new projects. Do I have to download iOS 14.1 before I can work on Xcode again?

Welcome to the community!

How old are the projects? How new are your other projects?

What version of Xcode and macOS are you currently running?

The projects are just a few weeks old and I’m running 13 and the computer keeps bringing up the install ios 14.1. I really did not want to install the new one because Chris is using ios 11. Its a little more challenging to figure out the various steps with 13. So if I install ios 14 I think it will be even more challenging.

Can you show what the error looks like?

No I don’t think you need to install an old iOS if you created the project just a few weeks ago

You mean Xcode version?