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Hi I dont know where to start

Hi Chris
I have done 2023 app development course successfully but I have very little.knowledge of oops.I am good at basics and could quickly learn new things based on the the one who is teaching. Of all the youtube videos yours is the most useful one that talks to the level of the end user. my quick question is which free course can I take here in your site my goal is to get a job and on top of it I am 41.I have done my masters and really ambitious to start my career at this age. Could quickly work in almost all the programming languages using the basic until functions stuff and when the classes and oops start I g feel overwhelmed I can’t remember the syntax that captivates me. Idid course course that was funded for my me although it was a paid course and I earned 100% and a certificate in all the challenges. The thing mid I have seen some videos connecting the view elements to turn up which I can’t find in my xcode14. So in short which course will.help.me gain enough knowledge for me to get a job? I am sorry for such a big post.thanks for reading


Welcome to the Code Crew community.

The best place to start is the free courses on this site. learn.codewithchris.com

Scroll right down to the bottom of the page and you will see the heading Free Courses as in this screenshot.

Note that the Menu App is a new course and the Lessons for that will start rolling out on February 17.

Thanks for thanks for responding what I was asking is I have seen the old videos that don’t relate to xcode14 they’re kind of old versions that talk about connecting the view elements onto the user ID elements on the preview screen I really don’t know if they are still in use in Xcode 14 or if they are out of scope in xcode14 and thanks for replying I’ll definitely do the course that you have suggested me but you said it’s going to be starting in February 17 I can’t wait for it. if you don’t mind can I request you to please do a video on OOPS concept object-oriented programming because that’s going to help us all who got stuck up…

Sorry for my typos in the first post Its all to blame the autocorrect thing in my tab!!

There is 8 Lessons to follow in the “How to Make and App in 8 Days” course and there are 14 Lessons in the “14 Day Beginner Challenge” course. The “Menu App” course is the one that is brand new and the first Lesson in that will be released on February 17 so in the meantime do the other courses.