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Hi! I'm brand new to coding and I would love some support!

hey guys I’m new to coding and I’m taking this course very seriously. its a bit intimidating at times and I feel like I won’t be able to remember everything but I’m hoping that I can become a pro one day, I know these threads are mainly for support on the modules but I wanted to just set this reminder for myself that one day ill be able to update this thread and tell myself and everyone on here that I did it! I went to high school and I have no further education so this would be a big milestone for me. I’m planning on going back to school when I’m done with this but I’m very happy that I was able to find these courses and be apart of this before I put myself into collage. thank you to everyone who was apart of putting together this school! (btw I have just finished module 2 in the beginners course)


Hey Zack!!

You can do this! Remember if coding was easy, everyone would be doing it!

It’s okay to get stuck, that’s what this forum is for! Ask any questions you have, and the community will try to help!

Also btw, just so you know, going to college is not a 100% must do requirement for our field. Yes it can help in certain situations, but it’s mandatory.

There are also coding bootcamp that are a fraction of the cost of college that are perfectly legitimate where you can get an iOS dev job afterward.

Or you can be fully self taught, but this is the hardest method.

There’s no right answer for everyone, every situation is unique. I just thought I’d mention that to you

thanks for the support and for the information. I will be definitely looking into that

do you think this course would be good enough to start my career or you think I should get certified at some sort of school?

Are you part of CWC+?

If so I do think it’s sufficient enough to get started for a junior position