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Hilarious level of detail for throwaway apps

I’m totally OK with Apple asking/demanding for plenty of info about “real”, big apps people want to sell through App Store, that customers pay actual money for etc.

It’s surreal to even think about becoming a registered Apple developer, applying for App store reviews, delivering contact info, privacy policy, Content Rights information, “level of frequency for each Apple content description in the Age Rating section”, and a dozen screenshots for various formats for … Hello, world?

I don’t want those throwaway apps on App store, I just want them on my iPad. But somehow, the former route seems the way to go, rather than just moving a couple of kb from one device to another. Not that I’ve got it working yet.

Getting the code and UI together was a breeze. This Apple bureaucracy is a killer.

I think all that information is very important.

If you just want an app to share with friends, you can do an unlisted app


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