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How can I achieve this UI with server driver UI using UI components in SWFTUI

Please help to me any one this UI achievement.

Support which Controls?

As for any backend-driven approach, the first thing you need to do is to plan which controls you need to support with your backend developer.

Talk about how to structure your data response (in JSON or XML), how you would anticipate parsing it on the app side. You’ll most likely use a list and add each element of the form using ForEach.

Material Design Components

The textfields on your screenshot is following a design language called Material Design. This is Google’s universal design language which is prevalent on Android but can also be seen on most Google web products including Firebase.

Apple has their own design language which they do not have a name, but it’s outlined in the Human Interface Guidelines. The design language is pretty flexible, so designers can choose to derive from it, like Flat design or the recent trend in Neumorphic design.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any builtin controls you can use to mimic a material component textfield other than to create your own. You can also make use of Google’s Material Components for iOS but since these are UIKit views, you’ll need to put in more setup to make it work.