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How can two people work on same xcode project

Me and a friend want to developt an app but we cant manage to be working on the same xcode project at the same time. So how do you share a project and work on it at the same time?

One of the most common methods is to use Github.

Have a look at this article that discusses using GitHub for collaborative programming.

Does CodeWithChris have a github organization where members from the community can work on adding features to the various projects.

For example, In the war game App in the first module, It would be really neat if we could add a feature to be able to play with another person over wifi. It would be really awesome if members could create github repos and start a project around ideas on how to expand upon the base App you help us build.

If there were repos for each project, then everyone could work on a branch and submit issues for features that people can/want to work on.

There appears to be a lot of really smart people here and I think this would be a great community building activity. Any interest from the rest of the community of doing this?