How do i code this without storyboard?


how do I code this kind of horizontal navigation scroll like in airbnb? I’ve tried but I’m stuck.

Welcome to the community! First are you using SwiftUI or UIKit??

You mentioned storyboards, is there a requirement to use UIKit?


so im making an app off coding alone without the use of storyboards. and I’m using swiftui

also im like a beginner

I would highly recommend going through the foundation series or at least the 2023 series on YouTube

So you are using SwiftUI. UIKit is the framework that was there before SwiftUI and it uses storyboards, but also you can write all the code programmatically and not use storyboards.

So the phrase “coding alone without storyboards” can still apply to either btw

But again I’d highly recommend following some of the first tutorials before jumping into this.
To build this you would use a ScrollView with a horizontal axis