How do i make these list in my settings page navigate?

I’ve tried watching videos and its so confusing. I’ve been told to use NavigationView and then to use NavigationStack instead. idk what to do now it’s so frustrating. pls help.

I’ve inserted an image of the code so far below. please help me amend or something.

This is because you are using SwiftUI and it is a new framework, so things are still constantly changing.

You should use NavigationStack, which is the new way to navigate in SwiftUI, previously it was NavigationView

See this video Navigation in SwiftUI & iOS 16 - YouTube

Also again I’d highly recommend going through the foundations course first, before trying to build your own app, or you’re going to constantly run into walls not knowing how to do stuff and not knowing what to look up, when you could’ve learned it by going through the course