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How do you uninstall Xcode from a Mac

Could anyone please inform me, on a Mac running Ventura 13.1, what is the best way to fully uninstall Xcode 14.2 from the system.

Thank you in advance for your help and time.


Hi Martin,

Do you no longer want Xcode to be available on your Mac or are you having trouble with the current installation of Xcode?

thanks for your reply.
I no longer want Xcode on my Mac.

I would be grateful for your advice, how to fully and correctly remove it from my system.

Kind Regards

Hi Martin, just move Xcode.app to the trash, but I’d also suggest deleting DerivedData

thank you for your advice.
How would I go about delete the DerivedData?

I would be grateful for your advice

Kind Regards

Google’s your friend… according to stackoverflow, the command below in terminal will do the trick

rm -rf ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData

If you don’t wanna use commandline, you can always download this app and let it do things for you. Kinda defeats your purpose.

thanks for your reply
command line!!
I have made a note of the command, thank you

the command line seems a little daunting.

Thanks, another advice is welcome.

Highly recommend using DevCleaner for Xcode! It’s free!! (It does the same thing as that command)

But shows you exactly what you’re deleting!

H Mikaela,
thanks for the advice.
I’m sure this may sound stupid to ask.
re deleting DerivedData
would I move Xcode.app to the trash before using the DevCleaner app
your the DevCleaner app then move Xcode.app to the trash ?

thanks in advance

Delete Derived Data and then Xcode

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Thank you.