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How I can create an phone apps with no-code

Yo guys, tell me, I heard somewhere that you can create applications for business but code? What is it, how is it?


Welcome to the community.

The first thing to note is that this community is dedicated to iOS Development using Xcode and the Swift programming language.

There are platforms that offer a “No Code” solution but they are generally very very basic and at some point people realise that they never live up to expectations and will require significant coding to get anywhere near a product that works. You either learn how to code it yourself (takes a long time to learn) or you pay someone to write the application for you which costs you $$$$$$$.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

you might be referring to “form” type applications that you can create quickly… i mean its possible and you can get data sent to your email or some csv/excel file somewhere but it will be hard to work with the data that has been processed… only good for getting raw data nothing else