How to add customed fonts in Xcode 14?

How to add customed fonts in Xcode 14?


It’s the same process used in earlier version of Xcode.

Drag the font file (should be TTF type file) into the Xcode window and drop it into the panel on the left where all the other project files are. Make sure that the “Add to Target” is checked and “Copy if needed” is also checked when the dialog box appears.

See the screenshot examples below, which is the Chat App from the course of the same name. You need to add an entry in the “Info” section of your App. ie, the property list, in order to indicate that there are Custom font files available in the App bundle.

The entry you need to add is “Fonts provided by application” and then add each item

This screenshot shows you how I added the fonts into a separate folder just to make things tidy.

If there is anything that is not clear please advise.