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How to create categories from data from firebase into UI?

So I have a addClub controller where you fill out the textfields with club details like location and category of club and it gets placed into the firebase and I also programmed it that all the clubs names gets retrieved back into the app clubList view controller. I’m creating a home view controller where its has 4 different max locations lists and I want it that when the user clicks the location they want, the next page is another category list of different categories like culture, sports, food, etc. and after the user clicks a category they want, they get a list of the clubs that fit into that “category” and “location”. So how to filter out the data that when a club is enlisted in the app, it gets set into the correct categories and locations. I would really appreciate if somebody could help me out. I created buttons and navigation links for each location as shown below. what exactly do I put in the destination part to get it to the page I want of categories.

Hi @boozy10


I hope the following link is of great assistance to you.

hey @sivak

The link you sent was helpful, but it goes from list view to directly details/information of that category. Can you help and/or give resources how I can go from category to category then to list to details. Below is a map-out of how I want the app to be

Hopefully you understand the structure I want it

I want that this data is from the firebase retrieval. I was able to retrieve the club names from the firebase where it has information about location and category, but how to organize it thru that location and category pages

For example, I add a club called cooking club that its in “livingston” and its category “food”. How to place that data into the livingston category then into the food category when the user clicks that. As of now, all the clubs list onto a random viewcontroller i created, but I want it sorted out thru these categories