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How to dowload images from firebase firestore


I am a begginer in ios development and i try to dowload images from firestore or firebase cloud (maybe better because images take more memory)
But i don’t know how to do this, i would like to dowload in my tableview two labels and an image per cell,
I succeeded to download the two labels but i don’t know how to do for the images,

My code is here : Download images from firebase to ios · GitHub

Thank you very much for your help !

when you put a file in firebase it will return a “reference”… you can then use the reference to get the downloadUrl (i think its .getDownloadUrl(), that download url is now the “source” that you will need to load your image

its similar to this when you open the image directly in your storage

my naming convention is a bit weird because i used my document references as the filename but you should get the idea of it

Thank you for your help !