How to download source code from tutorial?

I’m reading /avaudioplayer-tutorial/ and fear this may not have been a free-to-the-public page, as it refers to "…download the source code for this demo to use the sample MP3 that I used," without providing a link to the source code. Is that source code accessible to us who are not yet your customers?

And if you’re curious how I got here, I found that page as the second option on google search for <example+code+swift+5+play+sound>

Take a look at this page on Chris’s website:

Select the Free 29 Day Beginner Challenge by tapping on the “Learn More” button.

Scroll down to Lesson 29 “Sounds” and tap on that.

On the page that is presented you should see link to “Materials”. Enter your name and email address and click on SignUp. You will receive an email with a link to the resources.

Thank you Chris Parker, and I’m doing that. It’s the last lesson integrated into a 29 day course, and tough to separate out. Im asking specifically in reference to…

…which mentions one can download the source code, but doesn’t seem to include a link (or other instructions) where one can do the actual downloading. Are source code and assets available for that particular tutorial?