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How to handle long text with json?

I’m trying to create an app for story reading. It’s about a video game and the lore behind the main characters. My approach was to create a JSON file and paste it in; that’s when it hit me. The story is very long. And if I remove the breakpoints, that corrects the issue but then I lose the formatting. There must be a better way, right? See Photo

My next thought was, ok I could create a text file for each character, but that sounded like too much work.
I’m trying to create some like Image #2 of this thread.

How would you approach this? Is it a matter of inserting a value in the places where I want breakpoints and then formatting the code to do so?

How much are you manually copying to make a JSON file? Cause this seems like a lot of work to need to copy.

One solution could be is to save each of those as an array of paragraphs, in your intro key? (Not sure if they all have an intro key?)
But basically have an array of paragraphs for each chapter and when reading it you have an array that you can add line breaks to when needed

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That long text in Image 1 is for the Biography. And there’s a story too, which is longer.

I’m not done implementing this, but so far it has been a great solution. Thanks, Mikaela!

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