How to install cocoapods

I am a rookie . i am having issues installing cocoapods and implementing in the app.
thanks for help.

Hi Andrew,

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Describe what you have done so far to install cocoapods so that I have a rough idea of what worked, what didn’t and what you tried to do to install them.

hi and thanks
the message is -i need to install development tools.
and -/system/library/frameworks/Ruby.framework/versions/2.6/usr/lib/ruby/2.6.0/mkmf.rb:467:in 'try_do: the compiler failed to generate an executable file. (runtime error).it says i need to set up a framework.and to install development tools first .
i need to set up cocoapods to do a project in the module. the podfile is not showing up at all when i try to implement cocoapods.

You are not the first to have issues with installing CocoaPods recently and so far the people having that issue appear to have an M1 processor equipped Mac (ie, the new Apple Silicon Macs). Is that the case for you too?

Can you post the entire list of messages reported in Terminal as there may be other diagnostics or pointers to missing frameworks.

I updated my computer and restarted the computer and version 3.2.2 showed up . Thanks for your help