How to make a interactive login calendar

Hi can you guys please tell me if you know how to add a interactive calendar. Where the use can schedule a event. If you do please share the code. Thanks!

You’ll want to look into the calendar API by Apple, to add an event to the user’s calendar on their phone

Or you could utilize open source calendar designs

No I want the users to be able to add events and everyone can see it.

What do you mean??

Like have a shared calendar view?? That EVERY user of the app sees?

Yes! Exactly that. Sorry for any confusion. Like the Apple calendar where people in your family can see it. It’s only a small group of people just half of my town

You could always just have a web view in the app, and show people a google calendar.

Otherwise you could still use event kit, and make it a shared calendar possibly

Could you tell me how to add the event kit in please? If I added a web view would everyone be able to see the google calendar. Would I use the eventkitUi

You should read the Apple docs about how to use event kit and look up tutorials.

Personally I’ve never used it

Okay thanks for your help.