How to make a swipeable view with SwiftUI

How to make a swipeable view with SwiftUI. Which course has the related content?


There are do many API’s related to gestures that it’s just not realistically possible to cover all of them in a course. To be fair, the focus for Chris Ching is to get people started with the basics. There are tons of resources on line, by doing a simple search, to find out how the more complex gesture API’s are used.

There is an advanced course titled “Case Study: How to Build an App [Paused]” which incorporates swipe gestures. This course is for those people at an advanced level as a lot of code is added without any explanations of WHY. The expectation is that you are already at an advanced level.

Swipeable in what way?? Can you give an example of what you’re looking for

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There’s lots of scenarios