How To Make a YouTube App - Lesson 6(error date)

I have an Error at 27:35 in this course for Data

my code
// Check cache before downloading data
if let cachedData = CacheManager.getVideoCache(!.thumbnail) {
// Set the thumbnail imageview
self.thummbnailimageView.image = UIImage(data: cachedData)


Error message

Cannot convert value of type ‘Date’ to expected argument type ‘Data’

Check your code in getVideoCache() to ensure that you have not misspelled Data as Date.

it is ok!

static func getVideoCache(_ url:String) -> Date? {

    // Try to get the data for the specified url
    return cache[url]

thanks Ifixed

a not e :weary:

there is no setVideoCache! whay?

Very sorry for my stupidity. I did not write the name as the trainer wrote it. No problem​:pray:t2::wave:t2: