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How to run/host Vapor on a Mac?


This is an extension to Chris’s " Getting Started with Vapor 4" series.

I am trying to run/host Vapor app locally on a Mac.

Before macOS 10.14 you can download the “macOS server” app, and host it from there, but now that feature is not available anymore.

I heard that you can use apache to host your own server, but the tutorials online are all very vague and I am not sure how to implement this.

Please help :smile:

Welcome to the community!

Are you looking to host a Vapor server for running a project or just for testing?

For testing you can use Docker. But you can also deploy that Docker container

I am looking to run a project. I don’t really want to use docker because the library that I want to use requires MacOS Monterey and I am not sure if using Docker would have an impact on verification.

Your Docker container will need to be setup as macOS, as opposed to Linux

Which will take more configuring than my intro series. I haven’t done too much Vapor on macOS, cause many times it’s deployed to Linux environments

Your best bet would be to as in the Vapor discord! They’re great at responding :+1:

Ok, I’ll look into that. Thank you for the quick response :+1:

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