How to solve the problem of login failure using appuploader with the following prompt

I am planning to use the tool appuploader to submit and publish the app to the store. However, if I fail to log in using appuploader, I will be prompted with the following message. What should I do to resolve this issue

Why not just use the tools that Apple provide.

The tool steps are very complicated, so the third-party tools used are simple and clear

You should use Xcode and App Store Connect for submitting an app to the App Store

I used the appuploader tool to package the IPA and submit the upload, but it prompted the following error. I have searched multiple times for a solution, but it has not been resolved yet

You’ve posted a similar error here. And as I’ve recommended you should use Xcode and App Store Connect.

This forum is for iOS development, using the recommended ways by Apple for uploading apps.

When using the AppUploader tool for iOS app packaging, I ran into login permission issues with error messages such as “Don’t have access” or “No permissions”. How to solve this problem?

The recommendation is to use Xcode and App Store Connect to upload your App.

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My company wants to create an app, and I learned about Appuploader online. Are they a development tool? Do we need to develop it ourselves or entrust it to Appuploader?

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We do not use Appuploader. We recommend that you use the Apple specific tools, which are Xcode and App Store Connect, to upload an App to the App Store.


There is an Application available on the App Store called “Transporter” which is an Apple product that runs on your Mac. This application supposedly makes it easier to upload Apps to the App Store.