How trustworthy Google Firebase cloud based Platform is?

Okay, I know I can get this information from the first page of the Firebase website. But, let me clear that I want an advice from those who’ve worked with that platform. Information can be found online but advises can’t. I’m a newbie and wanting to start a app based on Service for people’s nearby me that’s why I wanted an advice, That’s it.

its basically google you are talking about here because it is a google product… think of it like the google version of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

for security there are rules and authentication that you just need to set up. and along with the database it comes with a cloud storage (firestore) for photos and videos if you need them. it also has built-in persistence( which simply means data can still be accessed even when offline as long as you already loaded it )

Yeah ! I was been asked by my fellow members of my marketing and management team, so, got confused and ended up questioning here. Thanks for your kind reply…