I am getting this error message on my two player war card game project

Can anyone help me please

Hi @Milos_Ilic Welcome!

the first error is the .RotationEffect the parameter has to be a Double = 180.0

The second Button error is you are missing the parameters:

 Button(action: {
                print("This is the code the buttn executes")
            }) {
                Text(verbatim: "This is the button Name")


Thank you for your help but I’m still getting the same message even when I turn it into a double. All I need for my code are two Buttons that are connected to the deal buttons which when pressed randomise the card above it, but that when you press one button only the card above it changes and not both

Hmmm. Not sure why you are getting that error still. I checked the code you have shown on my machine.

If you can paste you code between and if is easier to read and we can likely see what you are after.