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I am unable to access the courses I purchased

Hi, I am unable to access the courses that I purchased. Last December I emailed customer service and was told that I have access to the iOS Database, iOS Foundations, and iOS Design courses, however I just tried to view the courses again and I am unable to access them. For some reason none of the videos or documents are hyperlinked. After I click on a module, the names of the content appear, but they do not redirect me anywhere when I click on them. When I click dashboard it takes me to CodeWithChris. Then when I click on a course it takes me back to CodeWithChris. When I click “See Overview” it takes me to the page for the course, however I do not see a button to start the course.


Hi and welcome to the community.

Just to be sure that you are clicking in the right place on the course, do you see a “Start Course” button for the courses that you are supposed to have access to as in the example screenshot below?

If you do then tap on that button rather than the “See Overview” button

Hi, I do not see the start course button for some reason.

OK something is not right so I suggest you contact the code with chris team via the email address care@codewithchris.com and post that same screenshot in the email to show that the course is not available to you despite you being advised that you have been given access.

okay, thank you!

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