I can only control drag onto Storyboard Entry (initial view controller) and nowhere else

Hello, I have been binging many of your great xcode tutorials and am in the process of making my first app. I want to integrate a Picker View into the code, but I can’t seem to ctrl drag and drop it into the code.
The drag and drop IBAction connection only works on the first view controller for me. When I try connecting buttons or elements from any other view controller, the line extends but does not connect anywhere in the code or to an existing action.

I have seen questions and solutions similar to this but none worked for me.
What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

Video of that in case I explained it poorly

You need to be sure you select the correct name for you ViewController. See pict.

Select the VC you want to connect objects to and ensure you have the correct name as above.


i do… i can still only put stuff from the initial screen there. I am switching screens by “present modally” and “full screen” - could that have something to do with it?

ohhhkayyy nvm just got it working, thanks… tripple checked and it was indeed wrong :confused: haha thanks

Glad you got it going!

Happy coding!