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I can't navigate to the Xcode project

I can’t navigate to the Xcode project to install cocopod in the terminal because it says “too many arguments”

toddmyers@Todds-MacBook-Pro desktop % cd Reading List App 2
cd: too many arguments
toddmyers@Todds-MacBook-Pro desktop %

This is because you have placed spaces in the name of your Project. That is something that I avoid because it causes the hassle you are experiencing.

When you have spaces in your project name you can overcome that by typing a backslash just before the space so that terminal interprets that the next character is part of the file name.

For example, in your case your command should be:

cd Reading\ List\ App\ 2

Thanks, That was super helpful!

The easiest way to navigate to your project is to type cd then a space then drag the folder from the Desktop into the Terminal window. macOS is clever in that it will correctly interpret the path and add the required backslash character so all you need to do it hit the return key and you will be in the right folder.