I could use some help from a person

My name is josh and I just started be journey in app development for ios
this is my first time ever coding and swift is my first language
where I am right now is classes and subclassing but recently I have gotten confused and stuck with subclassing and initializers and optionals are the three main things and how to implement everything into swift ui
so if anyone is willing to help me understand swift and swift ui please do

you can contact me on discord Noot_Me#1637
or reply another way we can get in touch :slight_smile:

Hi Josh, I’m going to move your post to a different category. Request and Feedback is really related toward Chris’ videos.

What parts are confusing for you? Could you elaborate?

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im confused on when and how you use inits and optionals and how use the language when creating apps
ps sorry about that

My name is Nidal and I’m 15. So I have a clear plan of what I want to make regarding my app. A page with circle icons with different images and one word under each icon describing the genre. Once the user clicks on one of the icons/genres, they’ll be taken to a page for that genre where there will be an image with some text under the image and a URL link which will take the user to a website. Each icon will have a few of those Image,text,URL templates which they can choose from while scrolling through. I have a very close upcoming deadline on January 2nd where I must be done with this app. I am prepared to work all day but I am lost on how to get to the finish line because my fear is that when I finish all the lessons and modules, I will start from scratch and I will be stuck and not remember a lot of the skills and will be stuck which is not ideal for me because of the deadline. I draw a quick rough sketch of how my app will look like. I’m sorry for the quality of it but I was in a hurry, you can send me a message if you would like a clearer picture. All I need is guidance to which modules and parts of the course I must go to, to create the app in mind. Thank you so much.


You should create your post in App Development as its own post rather than commenting a new topic on someone else’s. This will help you get more visibility for someone to help!