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I did it ! And a Question

Chris - You wanted to know about our success’s. Well I just completed the 14-day Challenge and did the final Slot Machine program. I had to take a brief hiatus in the middle of the 14-days to move to a new MacBook with considerably better resources then my older one. The old one took MINUTES to bring up a simulator. This new one is much faster.

For the Slot machine code, I used it as an excuse to get familiar with arrays of string. I.e.:

var Slots = [“apple”, “cherry”, “star”]
…so I can do…
LeftSlot = Slots[Int.random(in: 0…2)]
MiddleSlot = Slots[Int.random(in: 0…2)]
RightSlot = Slots[Int.random(in: 0…2)]

Any way, now on to bigger and better.

One question, Xcode keeps asking if I want to install Rosetta to run Intel-Based apps; Is there a way to turn this warning off permanently?

Thanks for everything,

download the rosetta. You won’t get the warning again. It is important to run no arm base program on M1 MacBooks

I am so envious I can’t say!

I’m running Xcode on a Late-2014 Mac mini and there are times (like now) when I’m sitting here waiting dozens of minutes just for the simulator.

I keep having to pause Chris’ videos because he’s like “one click, there’s the simulation”. Not me. “one click, go make a cup of coffee, go out for a walk, come back, oh it still isn’t ready…”.

Some days it can be soooo frustrating!

So wish I could replace it with something more modern.

If you’re able, you can update to a refurbished M1 MacBook or even Mac mini M1

They might get a sale with the upcoming Apple event

Unfortunately, I can’t due to financial circumstances. (I’m quite lucky I’ve got what I have thanks to a friend getting rid of his old hardware a couple of years back. )

For now, I’m just thankful that Apple still allows Xcode to run on such an old machine - even if sometimes it’s quite a frustrating experience.

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Another question on the final lab: how would you have the slot machine images spin in real time for a second or two before landing on a final random image? I’m not sure it makes sense to re-paint the entire screen from inside the button methods. I guess we could have them spin ala Wordle too. I’m open to any sort of animation.

There is actually a course by mark moeykens on the cwc youtube channel about animating the slots app.

This might help you out