I need help fixing NSKeyedArchiver

I NEED HELP. So I am very new to Xcode and Swift. I am currently working on the Getting Started File that Apple provides (Start Developing IOS Apps (swift). The Persist Data page. The current NSKeyedArchiver and Unarchiver are no longer used. I tried searching for and answer… but no luck. Any information or guidence would be great !! Link: https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/referencelibrary/GettingStarted/DevelopiOSAppsSwift/PersistData.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40015214-CH14-SW1

Welcome @Eshaw88

This link may be helpful with Persist Data. Cloudkit and Core Data is Apple’s current method.

I found that a Realm database (realm.io) has been the fastest, and least complicated way for me to persist user data. The free version is not cloud based, so when the user deletes that app, there goes the data. I am currently using the IceCream pod which uses cloud kit to share a the database with same app on the same iCloud account. It is not perfect, but way more approachable than Core Data for my little brain.

Good lock.

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Thank you @FoundationSW !! I will give it a shot !!