I need help with Xcode

I’m trying To Build a trivia app
How to add questions from an api to the project and it’s multiple and Boolean type ! Xcode 5
I don’t have much experience in Xcode

If anyone can help , thanks in advance guys :e​:pray::pray:

Hi Daniel,

Did you say Xcode v5 ?? or did you mean Xcode 11.5 (the latest version).

Sorry I meant Xcode the latest version

What does the API contain as far as the questions are concerned?

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Open trivia api , I wanna add by category and by the multiple options and the boolean questions

I just had a look at that API.
Do you have any knowledge of decoding JSON?

Unfortunately not , I wanna add the api to my project and set up multiple and Boolean questions but I need a little help

OK so what you need to do is follow a tutorial on JSON decoding and how to integrate that into your App.

I would advise you to follow a tutorial that covers the end to end process so that you get the complete picture. The concepts involved might take a while to understand so you need to be patient. Here’s a tutorial from CodeWithChris.

You might need to watch the preceding video so that you understand how API’s are integrated into your App too.