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I need your help about URL type

Hi. I learnt a lot of Xcode. I am just a beginner. I am much busy with my Xcode project. I ask to need help about URL type. I have clicked target and checked out ‘info.’ I created the URL type. However I decide to remove the URL type. I cannot see where URL type is from info. Take a look my attachment is here. Please let me know.

If you are new to iOS Development then this section of Xcode should be avoided.

To remove the entry you need to select the Info.plist file in your File Manager on the left of your Xcode window. You will see an entry in that list like this:

Select that entry where it days URL types (click on it) and then press the Delete key. Press Command + S to save. Close your Project and then re-open it and the entry should no longer appear.

Ok, I have seen my Xcode project’s navigators but there is not Info.plist. Where can I add Info.plist on the navigators? I would be appreciate.

Something does not look right with your project.

To create a new iOS App, choose File > New > Project

Choose iOS, click App then click NEXT

Give your App a name
Choose the Interface type (SwiftUI or Storyboard)
Click Next and choose a location to save your project.

Which prefer SwiftUI or storyboard?

That’s really up to you.

If you are learning Xcode just for fun then go with SwiftUI. If you are looking for a career in iOS Development then you will need to understand both UIKit (storyboard) and SwiftUI. It does not matter which one you start with.

Hi. I chose UIKit (storyboard). I finished creating a project for iOS. I got Info.plist there. I added a new file for Sticker Catalog. Then I show you my attachment here. If it something right, let me know.

And tell me what about AccentColor’s Universal? Is it App icon, right? What is Universal’s size?

The project structure looks OK.

I have no idea how stickers are used.

An AccentColor is a color that you define to suit the color theme of your project. It has nothing to do with App Icons.

AppIcon means app icon, right?

Yes it does.

Great, I can do with my project. Better first draft and practice, if improve or problem. I will let you know.

I want to thank you for help me very much. Take care and stay life.

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