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I need your help about valid architecture

I am very busy with my project for Xcode. I tried to submit my app to the app store connect. But it is an error. They said I must include the “arm64” value for the the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key in my project. But I couldn’t find the valid architectures on my Xcode.

My first attachment is here.

I have researched and found one website. They said ‘Apple has removed support for the Valid Architectures build setting which is causing carthage builds to fail.’ Right?

Where is the valid architectures in my Xcode? How can I add the valid architectures on my Xcode’s build setting?

Can you please help and teach me? I would be appreciate.

You selected the “Any iOS device” when creating an archive or did you create the archive with a simulator selected?

You should use “Any iOS device”

Yes, I did using “Any iOS device”. But it is not working, I mean it is an error. I am confused.

Take a look here.

Hi! I know how to add arm64 and armv7 there because my Xcode hadn’t arm64 and armv7 yet. It was an error. I got support from Apple forums. It was passed through the App Store Connect.