I need your opinions for my first App (Quiz Game)

Hi Everyone,

I just created my first application on Swift (Quiz Game)
I ask for your opinions and ideas, to add a modification to my App.

Here are the ScreenShots:

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Love the UI!

If you don’t already I’d add haptic feedback (it’s a short vibration off they get it right/wrong)

Animations and sounds!!! For right/wrong

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Thx for your feedback opinions.

Start Game with sounds and small with launch screen (Quiz Game)
Msg right/wrong with animations and sounds
Alert msg Game Over with Anim. and sounds

I have the idea to add more categories: (Introduction ViewController)

History -------------->20 Levels
Geography -------------->20 Levels
Science -------------->20 Levels
Math -------------->20 Levels
Culture -------------->20 Levels
Personality -------------->20 Levels

All categories have 20 Levels.

I want to add images for every question to my JSON file.

I want to add a message (CorrectAns = ? WrongAns =?) when a finish level

I want to add purchase help in games to pass levels

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I have questions repeat when playing my quiz game.