I really would like for Chris to address some of my concerns

Chris, because of the limitations on this forum, can I ask you to take a look at your facebook page, “CodeWithChris Community”, and your email I sent you at “care@codewithchris.com”.

I have carefully followed your tutorial on YouTube to the letter, titled “iOS Tutorial (2020): How To Make Your First App”, I even included the exact position in the video where I found a lot of discrepancies.

In my questions and issues, I very carefully included screen shots of what I was getting, plus also indicating the differences between my XCode 12 beta 4. But you never did mention what version of XCode you were using in that YouTube video, so can I ask you to please tell me what version of XCode you used in that video? Of course these are MY mistakes, and I’m really trying to find out what they are so I can correct it. I’m trying to position myself to improve my skill level so I can get involved in this team to write a killer iPad App thats going to significantly slow down the spread of the Corona virus.

Another main question I have, is what is the difference between the iPhone version at the bottom of the main Storyboard screen. and the target at the very top of the page, which I set as iPhone 8, which is the closest I can come to my model of iPhone (Ver 7). But at that bottom selection, it was set for iPhone 11, so all of my constraints were based on that version, so when I went down to earlier iPhone real estate, none of the constraints were even valid. Did I miss the part in that tutorial where you said you were actually setting the constraints for iPhone 11? I went back to look for it, but I couldn’t find it.

Apparently, this XCode beta no longer even supports coding for iPhone 7. (bummer).

I really want to learn this stuff, so badly that I’m willing to pay you for your time for a half hour Zoom session, as long as it’s fair. Please contact me privately your response.