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I would like to add “furigana”

In japenese, there are 3 alphabets (ill only talk about 2) the first is hiragana the third is kanji. Kanji is basically a morpheme, like (or technically is) Chinese, here is an example 漢字 (kanji)/(Han letters) here is an example of hiragana ひらがな (hiragana).
There is something i would like to add in my app, its called furigana. Every kanji has a pronounciation. It can always be written in hiragana. It can be placed on top for horizontal writing. It can be placed on the side (typically on the right) for vertical writing.
I would like to use horizontal writing. Here is an example for furigana


This means “i”(my) , “of”, “dog”

The little things are the things that I would like to add.

I wold like it to be toggleable if possible