I would like to share my learning approach here

I know it is out of the topic, but
I would like to share my learning approach here
I usually watch a lesson several times before doing any coding.

My first watching is to get a basic ideal of what are covered in this lesson
In each lesson, there are several segments. For each segment, I will watch it several times to make sure I understand the content.

Then, with my notes, I will start building the app. I do not follow each step performed by Chris. As long as it looks and works ok, I will continue until I finish the whole project. Sure, I will make sure my app is like the one done by Chris. If I have any problem while building the app, I will rewatch the video or send message to Chris for further explanation.

After everything in the project is completed, I will do the whole project again.

I hope other will share their learning approach too.


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