Ideas on marketing

Hi Community, I launched an app on mental math strategies. I am actually not sure how do I go about marketing and getting the word out.
I’d love some help on marketing my app, if there are any marketing folks on this forum else, would love some ideas from the community.
My app is called Math Mindset on iOS App store. Do check it out. Would love some feedback too…

This video from Chris Ching might help.

Hi Sheetal!

I’m very much a beginner with this too but here’s my 2cents :slight_smile:

Who is your app for? Do you already have a couple users, if so have you figured out why they use your app?

Once you know who to target, you can try to think where they might be.

So your app is to learn basic math, maybe it could be useful to middle & high schoolers? (just a simple example, there might be more interesting target segments)

Then on the internet, you could try to target them directly where they hang out (go on specific subreddits? Maybe you have like a young cousin who could help you create content on TikTok/Instagram?)

You can also try to target their parents so they convert their children…

Get feedback from people who need the app!!! Only your targets’ opinions matter.

I’m wondering those same questions for my own app too and this is basically the reasoning I’ve been having.

Asking those questions is the easy part though, whereas finding the answers is the hard part :sweat_smile:

Hope it helps, good luck!

Thank you CalStark. Great insight.
I have been reaching out to friends and other connections, but getting answers from them is tough and you are not really sure if it matters or means anything.

Agree it’s definitely tough!

One thing I’ve learnt is to never start the convo with the app. Start with them.

For example in your case it could be: what maths subjects have you been learning? (or your child’s been learning, as the case may be)

What is difficult to learn? Why?

Maybe they say:
“My 11 year-old Dennis is struggling with multiplication tables especially that of 7 and 8”

And then from there you can follow up:
"Oh yes I remember struggling with those as a kid too! That’s why I’ve built a mobile app that has this great game where you can practice multiplication tables by exploding balloons!!! I’d love for Dennis to try it!! "

(I’ve tried your app and thought it was a really cool idea btw :smiley: did you use SpriteKit?)

Of course it’s just a dummy imaginary convol lol, I understand reality is a lot more challenging

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Thanks CalStark. Great tips. Would you be open to collaborate on marketing?
Thank you so much for trying out my app.
Yes, I used SpriteKit for animations. :).

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Great job working with SpriteKit!

Sure I’m happy to discuss, sending you a DM

You can use paid marketing ads and follow the trends on social media like reels and short etc.