If you consider learning Android,

As a beginner, I see android studio is a much less stable IDE than Xcode. It always has problem running without any obvious reason. For this reason, I need to go back to iOS learning. Anyway, by learning Android, I have appreciated how good Xcode is.

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It’s always interesting to hear positive spin on Xcode from people who have used an Android IDE.

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On Android you got this whole additional hassle with Gradle and getting your needed dependencies in there. You are constantly importing packages while writing code. Much more than in iOS. And you got to be careful, that you are importing the correct package. In Xcode is a lot kept away from you.
Although I like to mention that both (Android, iOS) got their advantages and disadvantages. In Android are other things more relaxed. In iOS you need a developer-account. Otherwise your app stops working after 7 days or so. You got to re-deploy it on the device. You don’t have this with Android.

I hate Android as I got many unknown errors such as IDE errors without doing any extra code or settings. Doing iOS development is much more enjoyable on Xcode. I appreciate the Apple engineers’s effort put on the Xcode. I love it. Android Studio is a very unstable system in my opinion. Android is not for beginners.

I started with Android first. Had a semester-long course in Android from a local college here.
But as a Mac and iPhone-user myself I was more interested in iOS. So I went into Swift afterward. Has become my programming-hobby with occasionally having a glance on the one or the other Android-topic. In my job I work with JavaScript and Ruby.
I’m with you. Android is more rough, but it’s more versatile. It runs on more devices. You can develop for mobile, car, wearables, smart-TV, home-automation.
Nevertheless: I guess one has to be an Android-enthusiast. Otherwise you will be missing the necessary intrinsic motivation, doing it to yourself.

I ran Android studio on a MacBook Air m2 (Sonoma) with 8gb ram. I wonder if that is the main reason why Android Studio has been giving me so many problems. I am thinking about whether I should get a Windows machine for Android development. I love Android more than iOS, especially now that I don’t have to deal with those unknown IDE errors. By the way, You are very lucky to work in the IT field. It is my dream job. For me I am too old for that (almost 60).

Have you downloaded the correct version of Android-Studio? The “Mac with Apple Chip”-option?
I would not say that Android-Studio is generally more buggy than Xcode and actually it runs decently on Mac. If you got the correct version for your CPU. But 8 GB RAM is little. Finally you want to run an emulator. I would try to attach a physical device and avoid the emulator in your case. Perhaps that helps.
It’s rather the general feeling, when using these tools. Overall I like Xcode more. But everything concerning Android-Studio is still complaining on a high level. When you work with something like Ruby for example, which is a dynamically typed language, you got no decent tooling-support at all.
Yep. IT is my second job-education. I did something different previously. In IT I’m now already for a few years and indeed glad, that I made the change. Although there isn’t everything golden and shiny in IT as well. If you do the stuff for other people, it can stress you a lot. You are not self-determined. You just try to satisfy, what they want from you.
I’m holding thumbs, that it might work. Perhaps you can start something on your own.

It was the correct version. I just updated it to a more updated version.