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Image background not scaling like in the iOS tutorial

Hi all,

I’m following the tutorial and have downloaded the images etc. I know the version I’m using is newer, so things are slightly different. I have adjusted background image to “scale to fit” but doesn’t turn out how it does in tutorial. I can change image size manually yes, but think it causes issues moving forward.

Also, if I go to change content intents, it doesn’t change anything. Please note I have only made slight changes just to show the issue:

***Ah, new user can only embed one image. Well, hopefully the issues are related.

Any ideas so I can continue moving forward?


Welcome to the community.

Are you referring to the “Background” image missing or are you referring to the Email, FB and Google images that go with the buttons?

Hi Chris,

Yeah that’s it

Which? The “background” image or the button images?

Sorry, so it’ll be the background image of the button:

In the tutorial it’s slightly different - I think it was image background still however:

Tutorial image:

Change your Button “Type” from System to Custom.

Tried that before, same result:

Removed image and readded just for clarity too.

Hmmm, these are the settings I have so maybe match your button to what I have and see if that works for you.

This whole time it was as simple as the Style being set to default… How frustrating! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your help.

That’s OK.

The other thing that you probably should do is embed the label and the 3 buttons into a StackView since that offers some streamlining in terms of the spacing of each element and it will line up each item so that they have the same width as in my version above.

It also means that you only have to apply 1 set of constraints to position the StackView and the elements embedded within it will align to the edges of the StackView.

Thanks, will give it a go. Not sure how to set it up, but maybe another YouTube tutorial video (if it goes to plan) will help.