Image not showing - Match Game Tutorial

I am currently following the YouTube Match Card Game Tutorial and have got to video 8, where we code the card flipping. Although the cards flip as they should, some cards flip to show no image. Does anyone know how to fix this?
I have included images to show the problem.

Hi Josh,

A couple of things come to mind.

  • Make sure that your assets folder has all the cards numbered from card1 up to card13 with no card numbers missing in the series (probably not the issue).

  • Check your getCards() code in CardModel that generates the 8 pairs of cards.

Your getCards() function code should look something like this:

func getCards() -> [Card] {
    //  Declare an array to store numbers we have already generated.
    var generatedNumbersArray = [Int]()
    //  Declare an array to store the generated cards
    var generatedCardsArray = [Card]()
    //  Randomly generate pairs of cards
    while generatedNumbersArray.count < 8 {
        //  Get a random number
        let randomNumber = arc4random_uniform(13) + 1
        //  Ensure tha the random number isn't one that we already have.
        if generatedNumbersArray.contains(Int(randomNumber)) == false {
            //  Log the random number to the Console
            // Store the numvber into the generatedNumbersArray
            //  Create the first card object
            let cardOne = Card()
            cardOne.imageName = "card\(randomNumber)"
            //  Add to generatedCardsArray
            //  Create the second card object
            let cardTwo = Card()
            cardTwo.imageName = "card\(randomNumber)"
            //  Add to generatedCardsArray
        //  Make it so that we only have unique pairs of cards
    //  Randomize the array
    for i in 0...generatedCardsArray.count - 1 {
        //  Find a random number to swap with
        let randomNumber = Int(arc4random_uniform(UInt32(generatedCardsArray.count)))
        //  Swap the two cards
        let temporaryStorage = generatedCardsArray[i]
        generatedCardsArray[i] = generatedCardsArray[randomNumber]
        generatedCardsArray[randomNumber] = temporaryStorage
    //  Return the array
    return generatedCardsArray

Thanks for the reply!

I haven’t quite done as much as you have but I have very similar code for when I currently am in the tutorial, so the program should work as expected. I have copied in a picture of my code, as well as the assets and would really appreciate if you could point me in the direction of my error, as I cannot see it myself.

Hi Josh,

I think I can see the error.

There is an underscore character in front of the card name where I have placed the arrow.

If you remove the underscore then the code should work.

Thanks so much Chris, it all works now! I really appreciate the help.

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