Image Size Error- Points in Adobe AI don't transfer to Xcode at same size

Hey all, curious what I am missing here. I am trying to bring in a png image I made on Adobe Illustrator that is set to 300 points. It’s a circle that should take up about 1/3 the width an iphone 11 max. When I bring it into a the Storyboard it takes up the whole screen (see photo attached)

Why aren’t the point systems in Adobe the same as in Xcode? I thought they were universally the same, is that not correct?

Consider configuring your imageView to be 1/3 the width of your device (if that is what your intention was). In your Document Outline, do that by holding the control key and dragging the imageView up to the View and select Equal Widths. Edit that constraint so that the multiplier is 0.333

Then add a ratio constraint to make the height to width ratio of the imageView 1:1 so that the image is not skewed (assuming that your object is in fact a perfect circle). Position the imageView where you want it to be with respect to vertical and horizontal alignment.

When you rotate your device what was the height is now the width so the image will look larger given that the width is now greater in landscape mode but it is still 1/3 the width.

This is the portrait mode view. Note that the image is still 1/3 the width.

Thank you! Appreciate it