Images overlapping over the tabview

I have a screen that is displaying a few images. It also has a tab bar. The images in the last row are supposed to go below the tab bar but instead the overlap

Can you post your code for how the image grid is created?

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Here is the code:

import SwiftUI

struct GalleryView: View {
    @State var photoData: [String] = []
    @State var sheetVisible: Bool = false
    var dataService = DataService()
    var body: some View {
        VStack(alignment: .leading) {
            GeometryReader { proxy in
                ScrollView(showsIndicators: false) {
                    LazyVGrid(columns: [GridItem(spacing: 10),
                                        GridItem(spacing: 10),
                                        GridItem(spacing: 10)],
                              spacing: 10) {
                        ForEach(photoData, id: \.self) {pic in
                                .aspectRatio(contentMode: .fill)
                                .frame(maxWidth: (proxy.size.width-20)/3)
                                .onTapGesture {
                                    sheetVisible = true
        .onAppear {
            photoData = dataService.getImages()
        .sheet(isPresented: $sheetVisible, content: {

#Preview {

You should be able to accomplish the same with with just the Grid and not need the GeometryReader

Also you could try to add a .clipped() modifier to the ScrollView

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Adding .clipped works. Thank you!